We never want you to be surprised by what it would be like to work with us as our client. Our six-step process introduces a new client to our financial planning firm in Saginaw and gathers essential information:

STEP 1: Gather information

It is crucial that we have complete information about you, your finances, your risk tolerance, and your financial goals for us to develop a financial plan specific to your desires. We will:

  • Review the comprehensive Client Data Questionnaire that you have completed
  • Provide you with a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire to complete and return
  • Begin identifying and setting your short- and long-term goals


STEP 2: Prepare retirement projections

Using the information you provide, we will generate retirement income projections. The retirement projections we prepare will take into consideration your assets, your liabilities, your anticipated living expenses, and your goals. The results of these retirement projections will help establish your portfolio asset allocation targets.


STEP 3: Review retirement projections and determine portfolio targets

During this meeting, we will discuss your retirement projections and select initial portfolio asset allocation targets. Asset allocation involves dividing an investment portfolio among different asset categories, such as stocks, bonds, and cash. An asset allocation that works best for you at any given point in your life will depend largely on your need for income, your risk tolerance, and the results of your retirement projections. Investing in multiple asset categories, called diversification, reduces risk and the volatility of your portfolio’s overall investment returns. Asset allocation can have a significant influence on achieving your financial planning goals. Too much risk during declining markets or not enough risk during rising markets could mean your investments will not earn enough return to meet your goals.

  • Retirement projections: We will show you various outcomes based upon the information that you provide concerning your income, expenses, assets, and goals. We will discuss assumptions used and we will determine whether any modifications should be prepared.
  • Initial portfolio targets: We will discuss factors such as your need for income from the portfolio, your risk tolerance, and the results of your retirement projections.


STEP 4: Prepare and present initial recommendations

Once your objectives and initial asset allocation targets have been determined and an evaluation of your current assets has been completed, we will review your initial recommendations together and answer any of your questions.


STEP 5: Present, Approve, and Implement recommendations

In this step, we present our recommendations for your approval.  Once approved, we will implement the recommendations on your behalf by executing trades in your accounts, though it could also include preparing letters or forms for your signature.

The length of time required to complete all of the above steps varies depending upon each individual client’s situation.


STEP 6: We continue to communicate with you

  • We will provide you with an Investment Report, which is a detailed report about your portfolio. After you review this information, we will arrange a meeting with you in our offices in Saginaw, at a convenient location, or over the phone to discuss it.
  • We will send you an “Assigned Action List” after each of our meetings indicating the actions that need to be taken by both of us.
  • Every month you will receive account statements of your assets held at Charles Schwab & Co., the non-affiliated third party custodian we utilize to safe guard our client’s accounts.
  • If we determine that an investment change should be made, we will implement that change, and a trade confirmation will be mailed to you by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. notifying you of that change.
  • We will coordinate our efforts on your behalf with your attorney, CPA, and insurance agents when appropriate.
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or need information about your portfolio or another financial planning matter, you can contact us at any time to discuss it.