No matter your financial situation, whether you consider yourself well off or struggling, investing time, money, and energy towards financial planning is a wise move in the direction of financial prosperity and peace of mind. Financial planning in Saginaw is about not only about taking your past financial practices into consideration so you can better your present, but it is also there to help make a strategic plan towards a prosperous future. The difference between you and someone who has implemented a financial plan is simply that they are putting each dollar that they earn or that is located in their assets to work strategically; they aren’t just simply blindly saving or spending.

Financial Planning Basics

Financial planning is about being purposeful, having attainable financial goals, and creating a strategy that will not only protect and maximize your current assets, but will also put those assets to work through potentially advantageous investment opportunities. As we discussed above, financial planning is about developing a strategy that gives each dollar or asset that you currently have and those incoming funds a purpose. Though there are general financial planning principles that can apply to everyone, you must consider the nuances of your particular assets and your financial goals. Here is the general process that you can expect when you contact Gardey Financial Advisors for free financial planning consultation and the steps following should you decide to employ our services.


During your consultation, our goal will be to find out what your financial goals and concerns are and to ascertain what your current assets are and how you are utilizing them. During this time we will ask you questions, as well as educate you about basic financial practices and philosophies and how those intersect your financial situation.


Should you decide to employ our services, we will use our expertise founded on professional knowledge and years of experience to guide you towards your goals. Having prosperity is all about creating a strategy for financial success and sticking to it. Though we tailor your financial plan to your goals, generally a good financial strategy will take into consideration your short-term and long term goals.


Depending on your financial goals, your progress towards them, and investment opportunities that come along, we may have to augment your financial planning strategy to meet your short-term and long-term financial goals. Whether we make any changes to your plan or stick with what we’ve been doing from the beginning, know this, that in all that we do, we aim to guide you towards your financial goals that are most important to you.

Our Fiduciary Versus Other Advisors

We are different from other financial advisors in Saginaw. Other financial advisory professionals try to sell financial products such as insurance plans and annuities, because they are paid by the commission that they earn from selling those products and the number of transactions made. We, however, are fee-only financial advisors; we are fiduciary, because our compensation is solely based on the amount of money that we manage. Why is this important? When you work with a fiduciary financial planning professional, you can rest assured that their recommendations are based solely on your best interest, not on the desires or gain of the financial advisor.

Free Financial Planning Consultation

Are you interested in learning more? Contact Gardey Financial Advisors for a free financial planning consultation. We can meet you at our Saginaw office or over the phone. When speaking with us, there is no obligation, but we simply get to know you, your financial goals and tell you a little about us and our financial philosophy. We may also give you an idea of how we may be able to guide you towards your short and long-term goals. Request a free financial planning consultation here, or call us!

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