Financial planning is something that anyone in Midland can benefit from. No matter if you feel you are drowning in surplus cash or you can hardly scrape two pennies together, anyone can benefit from developing a financial planning strategy. Financial planning is a means for finding prosperity and peace of mind through thoughtful analysis, strategic planning, and persistence. In essence, you are giving purpose to each dollar that you have and will have; you are not saving or spending blindly.  

Financial Planning Basics

Financial planning, as is it understood at its most basic explanation, is being purposeful with your money, having attainable financial goals, and creating a strategy that will protect and maximize the assets that you have now and those that you have yet to gain through a variety of means, including potentially advantageous investment opportunities. Though each person’s financial plan will be tailored to their specific financial goals, there are basic financial philosophies that can apply to everyone. Here is the general process that you can expect when you contact Gardey Financial Advisors for a free financial planning consultation and the steps that follow should you decide to employ our services.


When you have your initial free consultation, you will discuss your financial goals and your concerns. You will also be asked to explain your current assets and how you are currently using them to get to your financial goals. We will then briefly expound upon the financial philosophies and practices that we hold to and how those relate to your goals and current financial state.


If you decide to hire Gardey Financial Advisors, we will use our professional financial expertise and years of experience to guide you towards your goals. We will assist you in creating a strategic plan that will not only take your current financial goals into consideration, but also your long-term goals as well.


Though often sticking to the same financial plan is best, there are times when we must adjust your strategy. Whether we make changes to your financial plan or not, know that when you trust Gardey Financial Advisors with your finances, you can rest assured that we have your best interest in mind.

Our Fiduciary Versus Other Advisors

We are different from other financial advisors in Midland. We are fiduciary, meaning that we are fee-only financial planning advisors. We do not benefit or gain commission from the financial products that we sell such as life insurance and annuities. We are paid strictly by how much money that we are managing for our clients, so it is always in our best interest to have your best interest in mind.

Free Financial Planning Consultation

Want to learn more about financial planning in Midland and how we can help you reach your short- and long-term goals? Contact us for a free financial planning consultation. Our financial planning professionals would love to guide you towards financial peace of mind and prosperity. When speaking with us there is no obligation; we simply get to know you, your financial goals, and tell you a little about us and our financial philosophy. We may also give you an idea of how we may be able to guide you towards your short- and long-term goals. Request a free financial planning consultation here, or call us!

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