Financial planning is often misunderstood. Some believe it is only to for those who are wealthy. However, this is simply not the case. Financial planning is a means for anyone in any financial situation to gain control over their finances and enjoy prosperity and peace of mind. Financial planning is accomplished through thoughtful analysis, strategic planning, and persistence. Instead of wondering where your money has gone, you are giving each dollar a purpose—no more blindly saving or spending.

Financial Planning Basics

Financial planning, simply put, is becoming purposeful with your assets, having attainable financial goals, and creating a strategy that will protect and maximize your assets and use them to make advantageous investments. Each person’s financial goals will vary, so each financial plan will vary from the rest. However, there are general financial principles that each person dedicating time and energy to financially planning can find helpful. Here is the general process that you can expect when you contact Gardey Financial Advisors for a free financial planning consultation and the steps that follow should you decide to employ our services.


The purpose of the initial consultation is to get to know you, your financial situation, and your financial goals. We will ask you questions about your current assets and how you are utilizing them to meet your financial goals. We will also discuss basic financial practices and our services and how they intersect with your short and long-term goals.


We have years of experience and professional expertise that we will utilize to help guide you toward your financial goals should you choose to work with us. We will guide you towards creating a financial planning strategy that we believe can give you peace of mind and prosperity.  


Persistently adhering to a well-thought out financial plan can be the means for obtaining your financial goals; but occasionally, it is best to make adjustments. However, know that whether your financial planning strategy stays the same or evolves with you, we at Gardey always have your best interest in mind.

Our Fiduciary Versus Other Advisors

If you’ve met with other financial advisors in Bay City, you will notice a difference when you work with Gardey Financial Advisors. Unlike others who make their money from the commissions of financial products that they sell, we are fee-only fiduciary advisors. We will always have your best interest in mind because we are paid only by how much money we manage, not by the products that we sell to you.

Free Financial Planning Consultation

Want to learn more about financial planning in Bay City and Gardey Financial Advisors? Contact us for a free financial planning consultation. We would love to guide you towards your short and long-term goals, as well as financial peace of mind and prosperity. When speaking with us there is no obligation; we simply get to know you, your financial goals, and tell you a little about us and our financial philosophy. We may also give you an idea of how we may be able to guide you towards your short- and long-term goals. Request a free financial planning consultation here, or call us!

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