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Economic Update – February 2017 application/pdf 5.86 MB 02-17-2017 IMA-February-2017-Presentation-593ff127a2421
Trends in Occupational Studies: Economic Update application/pdf 4.04 MB 03-24-2016 TRENDS-2016-Presentation-593ff12a2a692
Economic Update: Trends In Occupational Studies application/pdf 4.92 MB 10-19-2017 Trends-2017-Presentation-PDF-00046307xD7F21-59f0afc6d3bf2
Economic Update: Saginaw Valley Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants application/pdf 13.8 MB 02-21-18 IMA-February-2018-Presentation-PDF-VERSION-00049191xD7F21