1. Annual Financial Check-Up

    Saginaw Township Business Association January 10, 2019 Presented by: Jonathan M. Gardey, MBA, CFA®, CFP® Presient and CEO Gardey Financial Advisors, Inc. Click here to access the presentation!  …Read More

  2. Introducing Brianna Campos

    Gardey Financial Advisors is thrilled to announce the addition of Brianna L. Campos to their team. She will be fulfilling the role of Administrator. Brianna graduated with highest honors from Delta College with an Associate in Business Studies and General Management. She is currently attending North…Read More

  3. Introducing Anne Moskal

    Gardey Financial Advisors Announce The Addition of Moskal to their Team Gardey Financial Advisors is thrilled to announce the addition of Anne M. Moskal to their team. She will be fulfilling the role of Scanning Clerk. Anne attends Nouvel Catholic High School and will be graduating in the spring of …Read More

  4. Equifax Security Breach

    EQUIFAX SECURITY BREACH   On September 7, 2017, a cybersecurity breach was announced by Equifax, one of the three U.S. credit-reporting bureaus, impacting approximately 143 million people. The unauthorized access occurred from mid-May through July of 2017.     As a result, Equifax is offe…Read More

  5. What is a Fiduciary?

    I am seeing more and more references to the term “fiduciary” in newspaper articles, in online advertisements, and in news reports. Do you know the answers to the following questions? What is a fiduciary? Why are fiduciaries important? Why are fiduciaries in the news? Definition (fi·du·ci·ar·…Read More

  6. What You Need to Know About Bonds and Why

    Bonds and stocks are the two basic building blocks of any investment portfolio. Bonds are, undoubtedly, the less understood of the two. A stock represents ownership in a business, and the stockholder shares in the profits and losses of the business. But what about bonds? A bond is a surprisingly sim…Read More

  7. How to Choose the Most Effective Charity

    By Kim Gardey Making a charitable contribution is a lot like making an investment. Just as you want to maximize the return on your investment, you want to get the most from your contribution. How can you choose the charity that will make the best use of your contribution? What you want to know is ho…Read More

  8. How to Build Your Retirement Savings the Easy Way

    By Kim Gardey If someone offered to deposit money into your retirement account every pay day, would you turn them down? Well, maybe someone has already made that offer. If your employer offers a 401(k) retirement account, chances are good that as part of the plan, they will match a portion of your c…Read More