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Welcome to Gardey Financial Advisors

We make satisfying your wants, lifelong goals, and financial aspirations our Number One priority.

“We want our clients to feel satisfied and comfortable in knowing

that we are securing their financial future – whatever they want their

future to look like.”   — Kim Gardey, CFP®, Chairman


Gardey Financial Advisors, a highly respected firm founded in 1985 by Kim Gardey, has grown into a team of 18 associates including seven Certified Financial Planner™ professionals who evaluate, implement, and nurture your financial future.

Our Advisors have backgrounds that include over 273 years of professional investment and financial planning experience – and additional experience in everything from brokerage firms, corporate finance and bank trust departments to higher education, insurance, and real estate. This ensures that you will receive only sound financial advice. We work closely with clients’ attorneys, tax preparers, and other professionals.


A Registered Investment Advisor is a fiduciary who has a duty of undivided loyalty to his investment advisory clients and must deal fairly and honestly with them. Any person or entity that holds itself out as an investment advisor must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Gardey Financial Advisors is an investment advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor. Our Securities and Exchange Commission file number is 801-22431.

Gardey Financial Advisors provides investment management and financial planning services to clients in 21 states from its office in Saginaw, Michigan.  It is the largest registered independent investment firm in northeastern Michigan, providing investment management and financial planning services to individuals, retirement plans and 401(k) plans. The firm has a staff of 18, including seven Financial Advisors and seven Certified Financial Planner™ professionals.


Gardey Financial Advisors’ services are provided on a fee basis with compensation solely through fees paid directly to the firm by clients.  Commissions are not accepted from any source.  Professional advice is provided but no products (i.e., stocks, mutual funds, insurance or annuities) are ever sold.  Gardey Financial Advisors believes there is a significant conflict of interest if an advisor stands to gain financially from the purchase of any product that he or she recommends to a client.  The firm’s compensation is structured to ensure that all recommendations are made in the best interest of the client.

Our clients include individuals, families, trusts, corporation pension plans, 401(k) plans, and non-profit organizations. Typically, the client is looking for assistance from a professional manager who understands the need for continuous long-term planning in conjunction with regularly scheduled review meetings.

In most cases, the client feels that they alone do not have the in-depth knowledge, research capabilities, time or comfort level to make a disciplined decision on their financial matters.


With Jon Gardey as chairman, the Investment Committee evaluates specific investments, establishes investment strategies and philosophies, and monitors the economy and current financial markets. The committee meetings are a forum for the discussion of any investment-related topic. Specific duties and responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Establishing diversification criteria for the growth and risk reduction portfolios.
  • Monitoring and selecting the specific investments used by Gardey Financial Advisors within a framework of size and style diversification set by the committee.
  • Evaluating and setting criteria for a wide variety of items including the life expectancy and return assumptions used for retirement projections, as well as setting the criteria for appropriately utilizing losses to the taxpayer’s advantage.
  • Monitoring the market and economic situation and evaluating how the current and possible future market and economic environments may impact client investments.
  • Acting as a devil’s advocate in regard to specific investments and investment strategies. All current and proposed investments and investment strategies must satisfy the scrutiny of the members of the committee.
  • Establishing and monitoring investment guidelines used in portfolio construction (for example, the mix between Michigan and non-Michigan municipal bonds for a resident of Michigan, or the specific criteria to determine whether to include U.S. Treasuries or municipal bonds as the individual issues in a portfolio).

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Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and CFP (with flame logo)® in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete CFP Board’s initial and onging certification requirements.

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